About Us

Since 2007 GoFundraise has worked closely over 1,800 charities to understand their needs and make raising funds through digital technology easier and lower cost. With GoFundraise, non-profits of all sizes can access the technology that traditionally only the largest organisations could afford by investing hundreds of thousands of dollars. We host, maintain and constantly develop this technology to ensure it is relevant and effective in a rapidly changing digital world.

In addition to this, GoFundraise offers 7-days a week customer care and support along with extensive training and education resources so that using the technology is easy.

GoFundraise is about empowering individuals, non-profits and organisations to make the world a better place through digital technology. We are more than just an easy way to give or make a difference, we are an Australian social enterprise dedicated to creating a better world.

Our platform allows your organisation to have cutting edge software that is continually developed to keep your technology up to date. We are familiar with the challenges charities face with fundraising campaigns.

For supporters (fundraisers and donors), our services are free and are one of the lowest cost, most powerful ways to make a difference for your favourite cause.

For the non-profit, almost all fundraising has costs, most of the times these are hidden. Digital is far cheaper than other ways of fundraising and the best, easiest way to make a difference, with over 92% of funds on average going to the cause, it is also a great way to reach new supporters.

We review our pricing structure regularly to ensure that we keep our fees at a reasonable rate to continue to offer charities an affordable, cost effective, way to fundraise online. We have even removed the monthly subscription fee for those charities who are only using our basic services.

In order to continue to provide charities with the tools, knowledge and support to run online fundraising campaigns, some admin fees are required.