Imagination and planning are the key factors to a successful fundraising campaign. If you want to get straight into it, visit Canva to create your own posters and social media designs for your fundraising promotions. It’s a basic free service and is very user friendly! Make sure you include your fundraising page URL too.

create fundraising page

6 Steps to Fundraising Success

The people who raise the most for their charity have always got their social media communications connected and up-to-date with their fundraising activities. By providing regular updates you keep your family, friends and colleagues engaged with your vision and achievements. Not into social media? You’ll find a regular email or newsletter is also a great way to keep your friends, family and colleagues involved in what you are doing for charity.

sections you can include are:


What you did this week

Current fundraising total and fundraising target

The link to your fundraising page

Details of fundraising events

Facts about your charity

Why you chose this charity


Personalise your page
Post a photo or an update to your fundraising page. Share your progress, share your story, or even share your plans. This will generate the support you need to get you well on your way to reaching your goal.


Connect to Facebook
Through Facebook Connect, you can automatically share your fundraising achievements with your friends on Facebook even when you are not online.


Email everyone you know
Sending an email to everyone you know will significantly boost your fundraising efforts – with just one email. It’s time to get in touch with everyone you know, if you haven’t already.


Make a donation
Why not make a donation to move things along? By backing yourself to win you will inspire others to support your efforts too.


Be refreshingly different
Why not dare yourself to do something crazy when you reach your target – shave your head, dye your hair, dress up or do something totally out of the ordinary.


Make an event of it!
Why not host a mini event at home or out and about – BBQ, trivia night or something else, and ask people to donate to attend. This is a great way to boost your final total and have fun at the same time.

What more can I do?

Local/Community Newspaper.

Write to your local newspaper in the form of a press release: Remember journalists like to take exerts, it is better to write in third person. Tell your story, why you wanted to get involved, what you are in training for. Just remember to include your fundraising page link so you can receive donations!

Create a Flyer.

You can use the same information as you have used for the email updates and simply print and stick them around your local area.

Donations instead of Gifts.

This is a great one, and it is very easy to do. On your birthday party invitation (for example) just simply state, “no presents please donate to my chosen charity” and add your GoFundraise link.

How your workplace
can get involved

Dollar Matching

Go to your employer or HR manager in person and request that they dollar match what you raise. Why not offer to display their company logo on your fundraising page?

BBQ Fundraiser

This is a great way for your employer to see how your actions contribute to your work team and would incline your workplace to show further support.


Put posters up around the office, letting people see what you are doing and let them know how they can support you.

Work Newsletter

Similar to writing to your local newspapers, write to those who run the newsletters for work.

How your family and
friends can assist you

Movie Night

Contact your local cinema to arrange a movie screening, charge a premium on the price. Contact GoFundraise at to automate the ticketing for you.

Host a Night

This can be a dinner party, trivia night; it can be a few bands at a friend’s bar. Contact GoFundraise at to automate the ticketing for you. When you host a night, take lots of photos and include them in your newsletter or add them to your fundraising page.